Working at Queen®

Queen® is a global company owned by A/S Knud Jepsen. We have more than 60 years of R&D activities, resulting in Queen being a leading flower brand. Today, we make more than 150 million cuttings and 35 million finished plants and flowers globally and have customers in more than 75 countries. 
Queen is divided into several business units of different expertise and departments - Queen Flowers, Queen Genetics and Queen Türkiye. The headquarter is in Hinnerup, Denmark.


Our administration covers both B2B and B2C markets, and we are present in several countries. We have departments in all fields of expertise and have professional and highly competent colleagues in sales, marketing, planning, sourcing, finance, IT, etc.

Besides working on day-to-day tasks, we prioritize sustainability. Through our initiative, Queen Grows Greener, an increasing focus on sustainable solutions is a big part of our organization. 


At Queen®, we have a tradition of prioritising the environment and be on the forefront of R&D activities - creating unique and beautiful flowers in an increasingly sustainable way.

Our vision is to become the world's most recognised, reliable and valuable flower brand and in close collaboration with our companies and partners, we aim to create innovative, sustainable and long-lasting plants, meeting the demand of modern consumers and growers worldwide.

A Global Company

Today, Queen has employees and partners in Denmark, Turkey, Vietnam, Canada and the Netherlands. We have customers in more than 75 countries supplying cuttings, finished plants and flowers of various cultures.

Working closely together across different offices and nurseries is a cornerstone for our continuous development, and the collaboration between our offices is essential.

Having partners globally makes it possible to have highly skilled staff in all core areas, who are able to offer professional support at every stage, and at all our markets.