Personal Data Policy
By use of A/S Knud Jepsen’s website and news services


1. Introduction
Below, you can read A/S Knud Jepsen (hereinafter “Knud Jepsen”)’s policy applying to the processing of your personal data supplied by you when moving about Knud Jepsen’s website or signing up for our news services (electronic mail).

Any use of Knud Jepsen’s website or signing up for Knud Jepsen’s news services is subject to the terms and conditions of this personal data policy. Your use of the website is further subject to Knud Jepsen’s cookie policy. If you do not accept the terms and conditions specified below, please do not access Knud Jepsen’s website or news services.

Knud Jepsen protects your personal data, and we are fully aware of the need for appropriate protection and adequate processing of any personal data received from you.

Knud Jepsen is considered the data controller under the Danish Data Protection Act in force from time to time. Below, you will find all the necessary contact information: A/S Knud Jepsen CVR (DK) 11757278 Skanderborgvej 193 DK-8382 Hinnerup.


2. Knud Jepsen’s collection of your personal data
Knud Jepsen’s processing of your personal data meets the requirements in force from time to time, includ-ing the security requirements prescribed by the Danish Data Protection Act and the related orders. Knud Jepsen will regularly review the personal data registered, deleting any data whose processing is no longer relevant. The same applies to personal data which a user requests deleted and which Knud Jepsen has no longer grounds for processing.

When using our website or signing up for our news services, you are required to submit certain personal data. This is necessary in order for you to benefit from the full functionality of our website and for us to send you the relevant newsletters. Consequently, Knud Jepsen collects and registers any personal data provided by you on Knud Jepsen’s website when you use the website and sign up for our news services.


3. What kind of data is being collected?
When you visit our website, the following data on you will be collected:
1. What pages did you visit and when, viz. your ”electronic trace”?
2. What kind of browser did you use?
3. What is your IP address?
4. And what is your user name, if any?

As the above data are collected by means of cookies, we refer to our current cookie policy containing a detailed description of the terms and conditions for collecting, storing, disclosing, and deleting the above data. The cookie policy is freely available to you at any time on Knud Jepsen’s wesite, and you will further be asked to accept our cookie policy when accessing our website.

In order to make our news services available to you, Knud Jepsen will also process the following data on you:

Contact information:
▪ Name
▪ Email address


4. Purpose of collection and storage period
When you sign up for our news services, Knud Jepsen will collect your contact data for the purpose of completing your registration and sending you the relevant newsletters.

The personal data are being collected to the effect that we can send you electronic mail, including newslet-ters and other relevant marketing material.

Knud Jepsen will only store your personal data for as long as this is necessary to serve the above purpose, meaning that we will store the above personal data, as long as you continue to be signed up for Knud Jepsen’s news services. If you sign off again, Knud Jepsen will delete your personal data within 30 days.


5. Disclosure of your personal data
Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party, except if required by current statutes or deter-mined by court order.

In reference to the deletion and disclosure of the personal data provided by you when visiting our website, we refer to our cookie policy.

6. Use of data processors
The above personal data are entrusted to the data processors attached to Knud Jepsen. Data processors will only process your personal data at the request of Knud Jepsen and therefore only for the specific pur-poses stated in this policy. Further, the data processors are subject to the same obligation to protect per-sonal data as Knud Jepsen is.


7. Security in respect of your personal data
Knud Jepsen treats all personal data as confidential, and we have taken several technical and organization-al security measures for the purpose of protecting personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, forfeiture or deterioration and preventing them from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons or from being misused or processed in other respects contrary to the Danish Data Protection Act.

Backups of all our electronic data are taken daily, and we have protected ourselves e.g. by installing antivi-rus software and firewalls.

8. Right to obtain access to your personal data, possibility of deletion and complaint procedure
You are entitled to be informed about any kind of personal data processed on you by Knud Jepsen and the grounds for our processing, and you are entitled to demand delivery of your personal data on a readable medium. Further, you are entitled to demand correction of any incorrect or misleading personal data regis-tered by us on you. In addition, you are entitled to object against any processing of your personal data. You can contact Knud Jepsen by email to: Further, you can lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency concerning the processing of your personal data.

In reference to the consent(s) given by you to Knud Jepsen when signing up for the news service, you are entitled at any time to revoke such consent(s) by email or by the sign-off link in the newsletters. Such revo-cation will then have effect on Knud Jepsen.

Should you have any questions in reference to our processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact Knud Jepsen on the above email address.





Consent Wording
By your acceptance, you also accept A/S Knud Jepsen’s right to send you electronic mail by way of emails, text messages and MMS messages concerning our range of products, campaigns, competitions and mar-keting, also by way of apps, social media, Internet, and other digital sources.

A/S Knud Jepsen is entitled to collect and use data about you and your activities and cross-reference such data with other information already obtained or to be obtained from elsewhere by A/S Knud Jepsen, e.g. from cookies on A/S Knud Jepsen’s website, for the purpose of creating a profile targeting inquiries to you, as well as for other purposes.

Your data will be stored by A/S Knud Jepsen, whom you can contact at any time in case of questions or requests regarding data about you and your activities.

You can always revoke your consent by email or by the sign-off link in the newsletters.
Click here for further information about A/S Knud Jepsen’s personal data policy, or if you request infor-mation about any data on you in A/S Knud Jepsen’s possession and the possibility of updating such data.





1. General Notes on Cookies
1.1 A/S Knud Jepsen makes use of cookies on its website in accordance with this cookie policy. We provide information about the kind of cookies added to your IT equipment, because Danish web-sites are required to do so under the current Cookie Law.

1.2 A cookie is a text file allowing the storage of information and giving access to data already stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone, data terminal equipment or similar device for the purpose of collecting data on you and for recognizing the equipment. Any data collected from cookies are e.g. used to analyse your behaviour on the website and to give you the optimum experience. A cookie is a passive file, meaning that it cannot spread any computer virus or other harmful soft-ware. There are both first-party cookies and third-party cookies. A/S Knud Jepsen uses them both.

1.3 A/S Knud Jepsen uses the following first-party cookies:

1.3.1 Session cookies: These are temporary cookies, being deleted once you close your Internet browser. The purpose of session cookies is to remember your preferences and to register whenever you leave the website.

1.3.2 Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies remain in the subfolders of your Internet browser until deleted manually by you or automatically by your Internet browser, based on the du-ration of the cookie file. The duration is typically between 30 seconds and 3 years, and in A/S Knud Jepsen’s case typically up to 30 days. The purpose of persistent cookies is to sep-arate the visitors from each other and to determine whether the visitor is a unique visitor in the system used for web statistics. Further, the purpose is to collect statistics about the visitor’s visits on the website as well as data about the visitor’s origin, etc.

1.4 Google Analytics has access to session cookies and persistent cookies added by A/S Knud Jepsen.

1.5 A/S Knud Jepsen uses the following third-party cookies:

1.5.1 Facebook pixels: The Facebook pixel is an analysis tool used by A/S Knud Jepsen to meas-ure the efficiency of our advertising on Facebook by analysing your operations on our web-site. Consequently, by use of Facebook pixels, A/S Knud Jepsen collects data about your ac-tivities on our website for direct marketing purposes on Facebook. You can read more about Facebook pixels here.

1.5.2 Google Analytics cookies: Google Analytics helps website owners to measure the visitor’s interaction with the contents on the website. You can read more about the kind of cookies placed by Google Analytics and their expiry dates here.

1.6 A/S Knud Jepsen collects personal data in cookies, including your IP address and Internet behav-iour. A/S Knud Jepsen refers to our personal data policy about collection and processing of person-al data, being available here

1.7 If you proceed by linking from A/S Knud Jepsen’s website to a third party’s website, the third par-ty’s website can also collect cookies. A/S Knud Jepsen recommends that you make inquiries about any such third party’s cookie policy.

2. How to delete cookies
2.1 You can delete cookies if you do no longer wish to store them on your computer, tablet or other similar device. You can do so by using the shortcut keys [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[DELETE]. If this does not work, you can click on any of the options specified below, dependent on which type of browser you are using:
▪ Google Chrome
▪ Opera
▪ Safari
▪ Internet Explorer
▪ Mozilla Firefox
▪ Flash cookies
▪ Apple devices
▪ Windows phone
▪ Android devices

3. Owner-related information
A/S Knud Jepsen
CVR (DK) 11757278
Skanderborgvej 193
DK-8382 Hinnerup

3.1 Should you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact our customer service on